Production Team

SCP – Production Team Opportunities

One of the most wonderful things about theatre is how it requires all different sorts of skill sets and talents. You don’t have to be an actor to be a star at SCP! We’re always in need of volunteers to help backstage, building sets, designing or in administration. All you need is an interest in theatre and some time.

Check out the list of production team members we’re looking for below!

Production Staff:

  • Directors and Assistant Directors – In general we look for people with some theatre background and directing experience, but if you’re just starting out and would like to learn the ropes, you may want to consider being an assistant director.
  • Stage Managers & Assistant Stage Managers – stage managers need to be responsible, organized, good with people, and strong team leaders. They are the ones who run the show, corral all the actors, and assist the director. They take notes during rehearsal, communicate with the designers, organize the run crew, and call all the cues during the show.
  • Designers – set, costumes, props, lighting, & sound. These are the creative folks who help figure out how a show should look (and sound). If you have background or interest in fashion, interior design, architecture, engineering, construction, sound engineering, etc. you may want to consider lending a hand.
  • Set Construction & Painting – We always need help putting up (and taking down!) sets. Sometimes this means getting out the power tools, and sometimes we just need some good old-fashioned elbow grease. And anyone can paint! We’ll hand you a brush and bucket and show you what to do.
  • Lighting and Sound assistants – maybe you’re not a designer, but you have some experience with sound engineering or as an electrician. Or maybe you like being the one to push all the buttons. We’ve got plenty for you to do, too!
  • Music Directors and Orchestra – Musicals mean, well, music! We need someone to teach all those actors how to sing, and musicians to play during shows.
  • Choreographers – Someone has to teach the actors how to dance!
  • Stage Crew – It’s not just actors on stage every night. We need people to work backstage on shows, helping move sets, props, and sometimes actors.

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