Auditions for Still Life with Iris

Auditions for Still Life with Iris

Southgate Community Players Young Peoples’ Theater is holding auditions for “Still Life with Iris” on Sunday, September 17th and Monday, September 18th at 6pm at the Corner Playhouse, 12671 Dix-Toledo in Southgate. You will complete your registration upon arrival.
Audition requirements:
Ages 13-18 at time of auditions
Teens will be asked to read scenes from the script
“Still Life with Iris” is a story about a young girl named Iris who lives in the mythical, magical land of Nocturno, where everything in nature is made overnight by people whose memories are tied to special coats that they wear. Iris is taken away from her mother to live with a couple known as The Great Goods because they want the best of everything.  They take away her Past Coat leaving her with only one of the buttons off of it. Iris wants to leave Great Island and find the little girl who she believed the button belongs to, so with the help of her two friends Mozart and Annabelle Lee she attempts to escape. She is eventually reunited with her coat and remembers who she is, is reunited with her family, and returns to Nocturno.
Production dates are December 1st, 2nd at 7:30pm, and December 3rd at 2:30pm. If you have any questions please email, or message the SCP-Southgate Community Players Facebook page.
Produced by Julie Crock
Directed by Erin Gensterblum
Assistant Directed by Steven Gensterblum
Available Roles – 
IRIS a young girl, brave, quirky, fun and fearless in that way only kids can be.  The Great Goods decide she is the BEST girl so she is taken to their island where she begins her great adventure to find home.  
MOM/ MISS OVERLOOK Iris’ mother. Warm and loving, a great mom.  Her memory is taken away from her when her past coat is stolen.  She becomes MISS OVERLOOK and is forced to work for The Great Goods on Great Island.
MAN/ MISTER MATTERNOT A mysterious man sent to capture Iris and take her to the Island of The Great Goods.  Conflicted about the work he does for The Great Goods, he looks after Iris.
LEAF MONITER no-nonsense mother of Hazel and Elmer.
HAZEL Elmer’s sister and Iris’ classmate.
ELMER Hazel’s brother and Iris’ classmate.
FLOWER PAINTER responsible for giving all the flowers of our world color.
MEMORY MENDER stern but quietly caring man in charge of maintaining the past coats for the residents of Nocturno.
ANNABEL LEE half pirate half sea, is a girl, not much older than Iris, who is in search of her ship.  She joins forces with Iris to find home.
MOZART a boy desperate to find the conclusion to his melody.  Smart, dedicated, but more open about his fears than the other children.  Mozart teams up with Iris and Annabel Lee.
GRETTA GOOD is a comically snobbish and elitist woman, greedy and obsessed with acquiring the best one of everything.  Inseparable from Grotto. 
GROTTO GOOD is Gretta’s other half in every way.  Also comically snobbish and elitist, greedy and obsessed with acquiring the best one of everything.
MISTER OTHERGUY is a memory-free henchmen who works for Gretta and Grotto Good.

September 17 @ 06:00
6:00 pm — 9:00 pm (3h)

SCP Corner Playhouse – 12671 Dix Toledo Rd Southgate MI 48195

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